The day the doctor of the public healthcare gave her accord for my education

Today I went to see the doctor of the public healthcare. She had invited me since I was doing a lot of volunteer work and she wanted to know wheter I was ready to take on a new paid job or if I was starting up many things to quickly fail at them. The latter is the case. I have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew.

I started school last week and quickly noticed that the modal program is too stuffed for me. So I decided to do the Bachelor’s degree in at least four years instead of three. Very happy about my decision. Not sure how else I would make it, since I am already drowning in schoolwork.

I was very nervous to visit the doctor. It was a possibility that she would have decided that I could not go to school. Also, my income was suspended since September. My fiancée was paying the rent, the utilities, the food, everything. She was having a hard time about it too. We got into a big argument yesterday.

However, as soon as I arrived in the doctor’s office, she told me I was no longer suspended. Waw, indeed an awesome feeling. A burden that had been holding me back for weeks was lifted from my shoulders. We had a nice conversation too. About my studies, my life and even politics.

Afterwords I went to get some French fries to reward myself for keeping the appointment and sticking out for so many weeks.

And it was yummie indeed :)

I have been researching and downloading some apps for personal productivity. One is called Klender, which is an app to share a calendar. I have been looking for such an app for a while now. You can import you gmail calendar too, which is great. I also downloaden Proddy, which is an app that is supposed to help me build habits. I am hoping it is indeed a source that can support me in creating good habits. I have been thinking a lot about how I need to and can improve my life. I think this app might be of help.

I also found the app Artly. It is supposed to help me recognize different styles in art and study easier in this regard. Another one I am really hoping works.

I am missing my dear friend again, which I haven’t spoken to in months. She said she wanted to change up the relationship then, and I fell out. We have spoken a few times since, but have not seen eachother again. I so much want to share my toughts and experiences with her, but since I can’t, I am sharing those with you.

Today I went online to look for a relationship counselor, without any result so far. I do stand by the idea of having one, just because I think it is healthy to do so before getting married. I also looked into studies for my partner to do. I want to motivate her to get ahead in life.

In the afternoon and evening I set up a website for a project I want to be working on soon. It is called CoGent and is meant to build communities trough art. I feel like it is an important project that I want to be a part of.

That’s it for now! If you have any questions or tips on my writing, feel free to contact me.






A Belgian (almost) thirty-something woman that is in love with culture and art

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A Belgian (almost) thirty-something woman that is in love with culture and art

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